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You Deserve More Time With Your Doctor
Personalized Telemedicine Endocrine & Weight Management Care

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Our Mission

Tired of the assembly line feel at the doctor's office?

Sick of the 6 month wait for an appointment?

When you finally DO see the physician, do you get the time to discuss your concerns?

Concierge Endocrinology aims to take away all of those frustrations, and give you the quality, convenience, and personalization you need.


Our Exceptional Team

We are TRIPLE board-certified medical doctors, fellowship-trained here in the United States. Thousands of hours of training in internal medicine, endocrinology/diabetes/metabolism, and obesity medicine.


Committed first to clinical excellence, quality, and bedside manner, our endocrinologists Drs. Razzaki and Smolarz combine the power of modern medicine with complementary health modalities to find what works for you - and not just lab test numbers.

Our Concierge Telemedicine Model

At Concierge Endocrinology, we know your time is valuable and you deserve the best highly skilled and compassionate care. You will have ample time with the doctor and quick easy access.

To deliver this, we see much fewer patients than the average endocrinologist and so we do not accept or participate with any insurance.


You pay your bill directly at time of the visit, but you may get 'out-of network' reimbursement from your insurance company.  We do not have membership fees of any kind; medicines, lab tests, and radiology are usually covered like normal. Check with your insurance company for details. 

Our Services

Comprehensive diabetes

Chronic weight management

Thyroid cancer & nodules

Underactive thyroid function


Hashimoto's thyroiditis

Overactive thyroid function


Graves' disease

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Calcium & Parathyroid (PTH) disease

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